Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Filing for a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Mobile, AL?


People from southwest Alabama find the debt relief help they need at the Edge Law Office, Mobile, AL. Our highly experienced and knowledgeable Bankruptcy Attorney has a long track record of helping thousands of clients get past this personal roadblock. Individuals who may not be eligible for chapter 7 bankruptcy may chose to file a chapter 13 bankruptcy to obtain the relief they need. Chapter 13 allows individuals to restructure their debt load into a repayment plan. A chapter 13 plan may:

Larry enjoys getting to know his clients, their needs and working closely with them to develop a creative debt management plan. Since each case is as unique as each client, personal attention matters. This one on one approach allows the Edge Law Office to work with the individual to design a plan that best meets their needs to achieve the fresh start they deserve.

Attorney Larry Edge

With over 17 years experience with bankruptcy law and helping over 5,000 clients find creative financial solutions by filing for Chapter 7, or 13 Bankruptcy, Attorney Larry Edge is the legal professional in Mobile, AL, people call upon when they need debt relief. Larry has worked for larger law firms, but now brings that knowledge and skill into his own boutique law firm. This allows Larry to offer clients big firm skills in the small firm atmosphere that truly allows him to focus on the individual and provide the personalized service he feels clients deserve.

Southwest Alabama Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney

Choose Edge Law Firm when you want an excellent, dedicated Southwest Alabama Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney to handle your case. Larry Edge is the professional who has helped over 5,000 clients reach their personal goals for debt relief. He has also helped these individuals get a fresh start. He treats every case as unique and every client gets top-priority attention with the dignity and respect they deserve. You are not a number; our focus is you.

Mobile Bankruptcy Attorney

Our Mobile Bankruptcy Attorney and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy will help you get the fresh start you deserve. Financial woes are caused by many things, such as divorce, job losses, illnesses and general economic conditions. We can stop foreclosures on your property, repossessions, wage garnishments and put an end to harassing collection calls.

For more information about filing for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, or if you have another concern, contact the Edge Law Office today, in Mobile, AL. Call Attorney Larry Edge today, at (281) 635-9455.